Our Doctors

Dr. Elizabeth Sirna, an Orthopedic surgeon with 30 years of experience treating spine, knee, chronic pain , joint and orthopedic pain/injuries.


Dr. Luis Merced, Family physician with 10 years experience treating acute and chronic pain.


We use a combination of medication management, physical therapy, in-house , non invasive interventional procedures, addiction counselling specialist to treat and manage your pain. Your health and safety is our utmost concern. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best services while preventing or deterring abuse and diversion.

What’s pain management?
What’s the difference between acute pain and chronic pain?
How do I get into your pain management program?
Do you take out-of-state patients?
Will I become addicted to narcotics?
What medications are most commonly used to manage pain?
I feel pain even while taking my drugs. What should I do?