Back Pain Treatment

back pain management and back pain treatments in Tampa, FL

Back Pain  Management & Back Pain Treatment

Our Genesis Medical Clinic in Tampa, Florida provides services such as back pain management to patients who want to have alternative options besides surgery.

Back pain is a very common ailment and our back pain treatments can target specific areas:

  • Lower back
  • Middle back
  • Upper back
  • Lower back with sciatica

Back pain is caused by a number of factors, including nerve disease, muscle disease, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis.

Some of the Major Symptoms of Back Pain Are:

  • Continuous aching or a feeling of stiffness anywhere along your back
  • Sharp, localized pain in the neck, upper back, and lower back regions, especially after lifting heavy loads
  • Chronic pain in the middle or lower back after standing or sitting for a long time
  • Pain radiating from the lower back down to the buttocks, extending to the back of the thighs and into the calves and toes
  • An inability to stand straight due to back muscle spasms
  • Weakness or numbness in the legs (possibly due to nerve damage, a pinched nerve, or spinal disease)
  • Pain extending from the back of your neck down to your legs (may indicate sciatica)
  • Back pain that grows severe when you cough or bend forward from the waist (possibly due to a herniated disc)
For all of the above conditions, Genesis Medical Clinic provides back pain treatments:
  • Medicines
  • Exercise routines
  • Chiropractic therapy
  • Deep tissue massage and manipulation to loosen the muscles and increase blood flow
  • Nerve injections (steroids to reduce inflammation)
  • Back braces that help control the pain so you can lead a normal life


At Genesis Medical, we understand the value of language interpreters as they help providers to develop a better understanding of a patient’s cultural background and how it may influence essential healthcare decisions. We will be happy to accomodate you if you only speak Spanish, French and Swahili.


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