What’s pain management? Pain management helps ease the suffering,  improve the quality of life, and return to maximum level of functioning and independence of those living with pain. When pain doesn’t fade away after a trauma or pathology has been taking care by medicine, or such cause is resistant to treatment and persists, or doctors cannot identify the cause of pain, patients get referred to pain management. Pain management doctors offer relief for neck, back and other pain problems with individualized treatments.

What’s the difference between acute pain and chronic pain? acuteness and chronicity has nothing to do with the intensity of the pain but the time span of the pain. Acute pain refers to sudden, short timed pain while chronic pain refers to long-termed ongoing pain.

How do I get into your pain management program? We need certain information which we will list below. When we get those documents from you, one of our doctors will review your case to determine if we are your best fit. If the doctor determines that we’re the best fit for you, you will be accepted into our pain management program. You will be called to set up your first appointment immediately. The documents we need include:
Been to pain management before: recent MRI, your patient’s file from your previous management clinic or any other doctor you’ve visited for your pain, and your prescription list.
Never been to pain management before: recent MRI or any imaging you’ve done, and a referral note either from your emergency room doctor, neurologist, primary care or any other doctor you’ve visited about your pain. If you have never been to pain management and don’t have a referral, please call our office for more information about how you can get into our program.

Do you take out-of-state patients? NO, we don’t. ALL our patients have to show proof of Florida residency.

Will I become addicted to narcotics? You most likely won’t if you take your medications the way you’re supposed to. However, you may get physically dependent on your prescription easily. Always let the doctor know about your fear about addiction and family history. Genesis Medical Clinic also provides narcotic rehabilitation services.

What medications are most commonly used to manage pain?  common types of pain medications include adjuvant pain medications (such as antidepressants, anticonvulsants and muscle relaxers), opiates (pain killers) or/and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Will my medication have side effects? It may have side effects. Please listen to the doctor carefully and adhere to the instruction on how to use your pain medicine. If you have questions about side effects or other medication issue, please ask the doctor or your pharmacist.

Would my prescription change? Our pain management doctors continually evaluate your response to your prescriptions to determine your tolerance and physical dependence level. The doctor, with the knowledge gathered, will determine the course of your treatment. Even if you’re transferring from another pain management clinic, the doctor will determine which best course of treatment plan will help you manage your pain better. Our one goal is to ensure you live as pain-free as possible. We’re committed to our goal.

What will happen if I take more of my medication? Don’t! You will become tolerant and the medication no longer will be effective. Also, you will run out of medication before your refill is due. We will not refill your scripts until the allotted time: 30 days after your last appointment. So, don’t misuse your medications. You wouldn’t be helping yourself.

I feel pain even while taking my drugs. What should I do? First, are you sure you’re taking your prescription right? Please make sure to follow your doctor’s instruction closely. Also, are you taking other medications? Take note of the pattern of your pain. For example, is it at a particular time in the day or after an activity? Provide this information to the doctor at your next visit. There’s nothing like “too much information” for a doctor. Be free to tell the doctor all that is up with you.

Should you have more questions you need answered, please call us at (813)549-7399 and we will answer them.

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