Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is pain from either the outer body or from the internal organs. Chronic pain include chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, bone pain, chronic pain from muscle spasm or from peripheral neuropathy. Chronic pain could also come from circulatory problems, headache, Joint pain, whiplash, spinal cord disease, disc disease, trauma among others. Chronic pain is a pain that persists over time and may arise from long-standing chronic medical conditions or chronic organ or structural damage to the body.

Pain interrupts work and relationships with our family and loved ones. At Genesis Medical Clinic, our doctors are trained to find the cause of your pain so that proper treatment can be initiated. Advanced cancers may initiate pain in your body. Chronic pain if untreated or poorly treated will result in depression, lack of sleep, mood changes, irritability, and loss of interest in activities of daily living. Chronic pain may require a lifelong medication management just like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Types of Chronic Pain:

  • Bone Pain, like bone cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia, an illness with no known cure that includes pain, fatigue, insomnia, headache, nervousness or numbness.
  • Leg Pain, like sprains, gout, neuropathy, poor circulation
  • Peripheral Neuropathy, pain arising in the nerves leading from the head, face , trunk or extremities to the spinal cord
  • Sciatica, caused by pinching of the sciatica nerve which goes from the leg to the spine.
  • Nerve Pain as in neuropathy above, shingles, ruptured disc, herniated disc, cancer that grows into nerves, AIDS etc. Nerve pain feels like pins and needle sensation. Phantom pain is a nerve pain.
  • Headache Pain, including migraine, tension headache, and cluster headache. Headaches can be caused by nerve pain, tumor or sinusitis.
  • Circulatory pain as in partial blockade of arteries, poor circulation, diabetes, reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Organ Pain: Pain in your organs occurs because of injuries, infections, or health problems such as inflammatory bowel diseaseirritable bowel syndrome, pelvic pain, and stomach ulcers.
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain

Call Genesis Medical Clinic Today at 813-549-7465 if:

  • Your pain has lasted more than 3 months without a clear reason.
  • You are feeling down or blue or are not enjoying the activities or hobbies that you have enjoyed in the past.
  • You can’t sleep because of the pain.
  • You had an illness or injury that healed, but you still have pain.
  • You were involved in an auto accident, slip and fall or traumatic injury.

Braces that can help with chronic pain:

chronic pain brace chronic pain-body brace

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