Auto Injury Pain

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Choose Genesis Medical Clinic for Your Auto Injury Pain

Auto Injury Back Pain and Neck PainAuto accidents occur unexpectedly. The auto injury pain resulting from auto accidents can be broad. From back pains to whiplash, Genesis Medical Center is here to help with your auto injury pain. If you recently have been involved in an accident, our dedicated medical professionals will ensure that no symptom goes undetected.

Whiplash often is a common result of an auto accident. Don’t underestimate whiplash. In a typical accident involving being hit by another car from behind, the head is often thrown backwards. While this occurs, your body’s natural reflex causes the muscles in the front of your neck to contract in an effort to counter the backward whipping of your head and neck. When this occurs, whiplash can strain the muscles and ligaments in your neck, causing head aches and pinched nerves.

At Genesis Medical Clinic, we treat patients for injuries relating to auto accidents, including neck pain, back pain, pinched nerves, and headaches. If you’ve recently been involved in an auto accident, stop by and have one of our pain specialist doctors examine you for undetected injuries.

What to expect on your first visit:
Relief of auto injury pain: Our first objective is to help you feel better when you come in to our office. Depending on the severity of your auto injury pain, you might need care two to three times a week for four to 12 weeks.
Corrective/Restorative Care: During this corrective phase, the muscles and other tissues are allowed to heal completely and range of motion is restored.
Wellness Care: Once your body has healed, we recommend periodic adjustments follow ups to avoid auto injury problems in the future.