Pain Management Helps With Sports, Auto and Work Injuries

Injuries occur every day. Thousands of people get injured at work, while playing sports, have auto accidents etc. Injuries which develop from them range from minor to chronic. It could even leave you with chronic – long-term – pain.

Sports Injuries

Every year there are more than seven million sports related injuries. Poor training practices, accidents, being out of shape, not having the proper protective gear, and not warming up properly cause sports injuries yearly. The most common sports injuries include of minor aches and pains due to sprains and strains, Achilles tendon injuries, fractures and dislocations, knee injuries, swollen muscles etc.  Sports injuries should be immediately looked at by a doctor, especially if there is numbness, swelling or severe pain, feels abnormal or unstable. Sport injuries can lead to long-term pain even after treatment. The largest age group affected is those between the ages of five and 24, making up half the injuries.  (more…)