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Genesis Medical Clinic provides a wide variety of procedures services. What can we do for you?

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Our team of caring doctors, practitioners and staff is here to provide the best available services and help stop your pain.


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Don’t have insurance or concerned about the veracity of your insurance? Don’t be. We accept many insurance plans and self pay.


Welcome to Genesis Medical Clinic

We offer services for pain management, auto injury, chiropractic adjustment, family practice, primary care medicine, massage therapy, medical weight loss and urgent care. Genesis Medical Clinic is home to a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to relieving your pain while developing a long and healthy relationship with you. We are your one stop health center dedicated to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of your injuries.

Our medical director Dr. Richard Amato, staff physicians Dr. Hector Diaz and Dr. Renato Vesga, and chiropractor Dr. Carline Vilfort have attained extensive clinical experience working in different settings, from the ER, to family practice, to community health care settings, to rural clinics, to pain management. Our physicians understand chronic and acute illness, the best way to manage them and save you money in the process, and that medications are a major part of your health care expenses.

For your convenience, we accept most major insurance plans including Medicare, Tricare, Cigna, PIP, Coventry, Blue cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Self Pay and many other major insurance plans.